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Heeney | Summit County

The unincorporated community of Heeney has real estate for sale by Green Mountain Reservoir and the Blue River, halfway between Kremmling and Silverthorne. The quiet, remote community is just off Colorado State Highway 9, on Heeney Road, at Green Mountain Reservoir Dam. In the area are some beautiful private homes for sale that are ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy a pleasant mountain lifestyle with an emphasis on camping, water activities, and off-roading. There are few, if any, condos for sale here because there aren't many services other than a bait shop, marina, and a few scattered campgrounds.

Real estate for sale in Heeney is either on Heeney Road or one of the connecting streets on the west side of the reservoir. Homes for sale in this area range from two to five bedrooms, so prices can vary somewhat. Overall, the price of a two-bedroom luxury private home is about $1 million. Homes with more bedrooms command more, depending on amenities and overall square footage. There are several new builds in Heeney, as well as a few excellent remodels of older residences. Across the board, real estate in Heeney is considerably more affordable than the rest of Summit County.

Heeney is part of Summit County, but there is a stark contrast between the unincorporated community and more established destinations like Breckenridge, Frisco, and Silverthorne. First, Heeney is more removed from Interstate 70, so there are no fast-food restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and other services. (The general store near the marina does carry a few essentials and fishing gear.) Second, the county's four world-famous ski resorts aren't right next door - but they are close. Three of the four resorts are less than 50 miles from Heeney, so there is certainly no shortage of skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Ice fishing at the reservoir in winter provides some of the best catches in the state.

Mostly, prospective owners who decide to purchase a primary or secondary home in Heeney want to maximize their mountain enjoyment during the warmer months. Green Mountain Reservoir is a pristine mountain playground for fishing, boating, and swimming, and there are several campgrounds around the lake for longer stays. The remote wilderness around the lake provides ample hiking and biking trails, along with spots for motorized adventures on two or four wheels.

Green Mountain Reservoir is a bit smaller than Dillon Reservoir but is considerably less populated and open space is plentiful. Owners who park their vessels at Heeney Marina will often have large sections of the water to play in, as the marina has considerably less traffic than the marina at Lake Dillon.

Neighborhood Highlights

  • The lake is packed with beautiful brown trout, lake trout, kokanee, and rainbow trout, and is a must for anglers from novice to expert. There is wonderful fishing near the dam, and at select spots around the lake. (But a true fisherman will never divulge their best honey holes!)

  • Green Mountain Dam was initiated by President Roosevelt and finished in 1942. The original town was formed by the construction of the dam. The 309-foot-tall dam supplies water to residents of the Western Slope. The power plant at the reservoir powers nearly 60,000 homes.

  • Heeney has a population of about 75 residents. The unincorporated community once had a post office, but it closed in 1960. The Silverthorne Post Office services homes in Heeney.

Heeney, has a population of with an average household income of $. When it comes to real estate occupancy specifics, approximately residents own their home and rent their home. As for the weather, the average summer high temperature is F and the yearly rainfall average is inches.

We invite you to explore the local real estate market in Heeney. There are currently residential listings on the market in Heeney with an average list price of homes for sale of $445K. Last month's average sold price was $440K. We have expert agents who know the real estate market in Heeney and are the professionals you need to help buy or sell your next property.

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